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Electrical Repairs And Upgrades

We specialize in all electrical diagnosis, repair, and custom upgrades. A vehicles electrical system can get very complicated, and when problems come up, they can be difficult to track down, and repair. We have all the tools, scanners, and knowledge to repair electrical systems to all makes and models.


If your vehicle isn't in need of repair, perhaps you're in the market for some upgrades. We can handle almost any electrical upgrade you can imagine.

Electrical Diagnosis/Repairs/Upgrades


We can diagnose and service many different aspects of a vehicles OBD electrical system. ABS light, Check engine light, SRS light, Maintenance reminder, TPMS.


We can also diagnose and repair other issues not related to engine or drivetrain. Anything from a blown headlight bulbs to blown engine control modules are what we do. If you think you might have an issue with your vehicles electrical system, give us a call today, and book an appointment with us.

Electrical Upgrades

We can perform many upgrades to your vehicles electrical system. We put a modern twist on older vehicles by adding new gadgets found on newer vehicles. Some of these upgrades include:


1. Remote starters: Keep warm in the winter, and keep cool in the summer! We carry a wide range of

    products that will suit your needs. We carry reputable brands such as Compustar, and Clifford.

    We also install ProStart systems from Canadian tire.


2. Alarm systems: A great way to make sure your vehicle, and its contents stay where you put it.


3. Audio systems: Newer style radios with incorporated USB, bluetooth, ipod capabilities are able to          replace your old tape deck with cd changer. In addition, you can add amplifiers to your system to            boost both volume, and clarity. Changing speakers, and adding subwoofers is also a great way to            improve the sound quality of your stock or aftermarket audio system.


 4. GPS navigation: A great feature to add to any car that doesn't have its own navigation system.

     Never get lost again!


5. HID lighting: A headlight/foglight upgrade that is more than twice the brightness of a standard

    halogen bulb. This modification also gives the car a nicer, more modern appearance at night.


6. Reverse parking sensors: A must have for larger vehicles, or smaller cars with blind spots. It helps

    you avoid hitting obstacles as you reverse by emitting an audible noise, while displaying an

    approximate distance from your obstacle on a small dash mounted display module.


7. Interior LED lighting: Don't like how dim the lights in your vehicle are when you open the doors

   at night? We carry and install all type of LED bulbs, strips, and boards to help brighten your

   night time experience.



Contact us if you what you're looking for isn't listed here. Generally, if it involves wiring, we'll deal with it.


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